Welcome to the Choreographic Lineage!

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you will spend time browsing through artists and their lineal connections on the network. We also hope that you will contribute your own lineage to this expanding global resource.

What is Choreographic Lineage?

Choreographic Lineage is an interactive, web-based genealogical network illustrating connections between dance artists, their teachers, their students, their collaborators and people who they were influenced by. The main goal is to establish a knowledge base documenting 20th and 21st century dance that is searchable and minable and that will continue to grow as new generations of artists are added. Choreographic Lineage is intended as a global resource for investigating artistic influences, career paths, choreographic connections, and complex and obscure relationships.

Contribute your Lineage

Your thoughtful completion of the lineage survey regarding your dance background and major influences will be invaluable to the creation of this resource. The completion of the Choreographic Lineage survey is voluntary and can be accessed by clicking here.

For assistance using this website resource please write to choreographiclineage@gmail.com

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